I would like to send one lucky Sherlockian to 221B Con, which is an all-things Sherlock con happening April 13-14 in Atlanta, Georgia.

You may enter the drawing to win a 2-day convention registration ($35 value for pre-registration, $50 at the door) for yourself or someone else. 

Here is how the drawing works: 

  1. Follow me @FoxEstacado for 5 entries in the drawing*
  2. Reblog any post for 2 entries in the drawing (including this one)
  3. Like any post for 1 entry in the drawing
  4. Reblog/Like as much as you want

Follows/Reblogs/Likes will be counted starting right now, until Saturday, February 23rd, 11:59 PM PST. 

Winner will be chosen by random number generator.

*If you already follow me, you automatically gain 5 entries in the drawing if you also reblog/like something between today and February 23rd, 11:59 PM PST. 


  • Please do not use a giveaway Tumblr. If I find out, all of your entries will be taken out of the drawing, and I will be very annoyed by all of the extra work I have to do. If you have more than one Tumblr account, please just use one. 
  • Please make sure your Askbox is open! If I can’t contact you, another winner will be chosen. 
  • Winner will have 24 hours to confirm the ticket. I will need a full name to register you for 221B Con. If you are the winner, please let me know if you or someone else can attend 221B Con. If not, please let me know within 24 hours so I can choose another winner who will be able to attend the Con. 
  • A winner *must* be declared by March 1st, 2013. 
  • Winner is asked to send a few pics from the Con afterwards for me to post at my journal, Twitter, and/or Facebook. I want toflail at the fact that someone else got to go to a convention I couldn’t go to but really wanted to! 

Have fun! If you have any questions, please leave me an Ask! 

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